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The Antonio Postcard Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the Postcard Competition. As promised here are the best five suggestions of Birthday Cake, they all sound wonderful.

Lesley – My dream birthday cake would be one that I haven’t made myself, or one that has been made for me as a surprise, especially for my birthday which falls just after Christmas. As a child my mother used to re-ice what was left of the Christmas cake (which I didn’t like anyway!) and use this as my birthday cake. Now my fiance often buys me a cake, but I would like a jaconde sponge with creme patisserie layers, topped with maracons, cream and chocolate. It would be nice to have such a special confection just for my birthday, even though we’ve all been eating a lot over Christmas. I’ll keep dreaming…

Beverley – My favourite cake would be rich, chocolatey, gooey, but not too sweet. Maybe a little liqueur in the mixture too! Just delicious and celebratory – with a slice for all my friends and family – and one for you too 🙂

Nichola – My very own limoncello baked Alaska. I’ve made this several times for my sons 21st and my 50th birthday. It’s light and lemony and reminds me of sitting by the sea in the Cinque Terre. I know Antonio would love it as I love him and everything he cooks. What a man. Happy Birthday. X

Nigel – My favourite birthday cake is a old Dutch apple pie. Simple but beautiful! A simple but beautiful pie with a Diamond pattern, gold brown. The stuffing is made of fresh apples combined with sweet raisins. A it is made with real vanille and a little cinnamon. The warm aroma reminds me of the apple pie’s that my grandmother made, simple but beautiful!

Duhn – It is not really a cake but much nicer and brings back memories of part of my childhood whilst living with my grandmother. It is a ‘nougat basket filled with miniature marzipan fruits’. The nougat was brown in colour and made in the shape of a basket (crisp texture) and filled with miniature coloured marzipan fruits. I have never seen it ever again which is sad as it is now only a vivid memory going back fifty-seven years!