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Recipe Photography Competition

I always enjoy seeing your versions of my recipes come to life on social media, some of you make your dishes look even more beautiful that I do!

This Autumn I will be running a photography competition. Take a photo of any of the recipes in the list below, when you have cooked the recipe and send it in to or tag @cookcarluccio and #CarluccioPhotoComp. I will select my favourite photos to be the halo image for the recipes below:

  • Frittata de Presidente
  • Fragole al Limone
  • Linguine Vongole e Coze
  • Pesche Ripine al Forno
  • Linguine Alla Mollica
  • Zbaglione al Moscato
  • Ricotta Tart
  • Milanese Breaded Pork Cutlet
  • Crispy Caulifour and cheese fritters
  • Hunters Rabbit Stew
  • Tiramisu
  • Mango and lime syrup