Frittelle di Pomodori Secchi Dried Tomato Fritters

Serves 4

olive oil, for shallow-frying
16 reconstituted sun-dried or oven-dried

1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
a little milk (optional)
salt and pepper

For this extremely tasty snack, you can use the dried from the previous recipe or well-soaked and de-salted sun-dried tomatoes. A good way to serve these tomato fritters, with drinks say, would be as part of a platter with cauliflower fritters, spinach balls and a pesto dip (see pages 23,24, and 68).Just don’t forget the paper napkins.

To reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes
Put your tomatoes in a bowl, and cover with water.  Leave to de-salt and rehydrate for about 2 hours.  They should plump up to a wrinkly equivalent of the original.  Drain well, and don’t keep the water.

Beat the egg, flour and baking powder together in a medium-sized bowl, adding a little milk if necessary to obtain a smooth, thick batter. Season with salt and pepper.

Put enough oil in your frying pan to cover the base generously, and heat gently. Using a fork, dip the tomatoes in the batter, making sure they are coated well. Allow any excess batter to drip off.  Shallow-fry in the hot olive oil in batches, until golden, about 3 minutes each side.

Drain on kitchen paper and serve warm or cold.

This recipe is from Antonio Carluccio’s Simple Cooking